Diploma 4 Building Construction

Degree: Diploma 4 Building Construction (Associate degree of Building Construction Engineering)


Campus Location: Building B, Depok, West Java

Lecture Schedule: Morning/Daytime

Length of Study: 8 Semesters

Language: Indonesian/English

Industrial Collaboration: PT. Waskita Karya

Accreditation: B

Featured Courses: Earthquake Resistant Building Structure, Prefabricated Prestressed Concrete Structure, Building Construction 2 ( High-rise Building)

Learning Outcomes: Plan and Supervise the Construction Process and Carry Out Building Maintenance

Career Outlook: Building Structural Design Expert, Building Construction Expert, Building Construction Supervision Expert, Building Construction Maintenance Expert


1.1, 1.3 Documents/other sources where programme-specific objectives and learning outcomes are written down and published, e.g. regulations, homepage, diploma supplement, Download Here.

1.2 Objectives - Module Matrix Program Study BCE, Download Here.

1.3 Study Plan or Curricular Overview, Download Here.

1.3, 4.1 Module Handbook, Download Here.

1.4 Official Admission Regulations, Download Here.

1.4 Documents/other sources indicating that student workload is corroborated by the institution, e.g. student surveys, Download Here.

1.5, 2.0 Statistical data about the progress of studies, Download Here.

2.0 Representative selection of graded exams/reports/ final projects and other student work, generally inspected during on-site visit, Download Here.

3.1 Staff Handbook, Download Here.

3.2 Cooperation Agreements :

  1. PT Wahana Duta Jaya Rucika, Download Here.
  2. Gabungan Pelaksana Konstruksi Nasional Indonesia (GAPENSI), Download Here.
  3. PT Wijaya Karya, Download Here.
  4. PT Glodon Indonesia, Download Here.
  5.  PT. Waskita Karya (Persero) Tbk, Download Here.
  6.  PT Pembangunan Perumahan (Persero) Tbk, Download Here.
  7. Institut Teknologi Indonesia, Download Here.
  8. PT Sentra Teknologi Terapan, Download Here.
  9. PAKKI, Download Here.
  10. Asttatindo, Download Here.
  11. Prioritas Teknologi Indonesia, Download Here.
  12. BJKW 3, Download Here.
  13. PT CDE Southeast Indonesia, Download Here.
  14. RSUD Kota Depok, Download Here.
  15. Sucofindo Laboratorium, Download Here.
  16. PT. Wasaka Tomo Engineering, Download Here.
  17. Kunjungan Politeknik Lain ke PNJ, Download Here.

4.2 Sample Diploma of Degree Certificate, Download Here.

4.2 Sample Diploma Supplement Including All Relevant Study Programme Information, Download Here.


5.0 Sample Student Survey Questionnaire, Download Here.

5.0 Results of Student Surveys, Download Here.

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